Mar 1958-Dec1958
Walter C. Anderton (Grotto chartered May 7, 1958)
Dec 1958-Jun 1959
Charles H. Armstrong, Jr.
Jun 1959-Dec 1959
Charles Rooker
Dec 1959-Dec 1960
Louis Klein
Dec 1960-Sep 1961
Jarrett (Jerry) Robertson
Sep 1961-Sep 1962
Frank Dansby
Sep 1962-Jun 1963
Michael Cram (resigned for military service)
Jun 1963-Sep 1963
Newton Chamblee
Sep 1963-Sep 1964
Leon Tidwell
Sep 1964-Sep 1965
Charles H. Armstrong, Jr.
Sep 1965-Sep 1966
Charles Snider
Sep 1966-Sep 1967
Rob Turner
Sep 1967-Sep 1968
Mike Holland
Sep 1968-Sep 1969
Grotto inactive; no president
Sep 1969-Oct 1970
Jay Clark
Oct 1970-Oct 1971
Jim McDowell
Oct 1971-Oct 1972
Jim Davis
Oct 1972-Oct 1973
Jay Clark
Oct 1973-Oct 1974
Kathy Holland-Spencer (first female president)
Oct 1974-Oct 1975
Gary Barnes
Oct 1975-Oct 1976
Steve Spencer
Oct 1976-Oct 1977
Joe Domnanovich
Oct 1977- Oct 1978
Joe Domnanovich
Oct 1978- Oct 1979
Greg McGill
Oct 1979- Oct 1980
John Attaway
Oct 1980-Oct 1981
Valerie Howell
Oct 1981-Oct 1982
Greg McGill
Oct 1982-Oct 1983
Mike McEachern
Oct 1983-Oct 1984
Lee Stubbs
Oct 1984-Oct 1985
Myrna Attaway Jordan
Oct 1985-Oct 1986
Steve "Squirrel" Warren
Oct 1986-Oct 1987
Jet Thomas
Oct 1987-Oct 1988
Shari Lydy
Oct 1988-Oct 1989
Shari Lydy
Oct 1989-Oct 1990
John Attaway
Oct 1990-Oct 1991
John Attaway
Oct 1991-Oct 1992
Jimmy Simms
Oct 1992-Oct 1993
David Howell
Oct 1993-Oct 1994
David Howell
Oct 1994-Oct 1995
Tonya Smothers
Oct 1995-Oct 1996
Danny Cobb
Oct 1996-Oct 1997
Danny Cobb
Oct 1997-Oct 1998
David Caudle
Oct 1998-Oct 1999
Martha Hendrix
Oct 1999-Oct 2000
Martha Hendrix
Oct 2000-Oct 2001
Joel McGuire
Oct 2001-Oct 2003
David Howell
Oct 2003-Oct 2005
Steve Sills
Oct 2005-Oct 2006
Scott Fee
Oct 2006-Dec 2007
David Caudle
Dec2007-Dec 2009
Scott Parvin
Dec 2009-Dec2011
David McRae
Jeff Harrod
Alan Cook
Fennigan Spencer
Alan Cook
Ray Merril
Judy Ranelli





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